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My mission is to build products that people love. With battle tested user-centered design processes I tackle any problem, big or small.
For the past 10 years I’ve designed beautiful products for companies like Research In Motion, Qualcomm, Vodafone and Coca-Cola. I have built and lead teams that push themselves to new heights. I’m a husband, gamer, photographer, foodie, music lover and explorer.
I wear gauntlets of dexterity +5.
Born in South Africa and raised in a family owned printing company, I used to sit and watch my mom do graphic design when I was 5 years old, entranced by the pixels on the screen. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been surrounded by design in some form but my attention was mostly drawn to the early computer systems of the time.
Playing games on the Commodore 64 kept me very busy, but it wasn’t until I got my very own 386 Intel machine that it was clear to me that there was something very special about this technology. Computers enabled me, and made me realise the capabilities we could extend ourselves with. In many ways this is what sparked the multi-disciplinary approach to life I have today.
At age 15 I designed and built my first website with friends in a national high school competition and although we didn’t win, the experience made me realise that creativity is what drove me.
Though not allowed to take art in school, I had to find other ways to be creative. I started working full-time in our family owned print design studio at age 18 and spent my time learning everything I could about the emerging web design practices, graphic design, servicing clients and running a business.
In the years that followed I studied through the New York Institute of Photography, opened my own photo studio and landed a few publications in various fashion & beauty magazines as well as a photo book.
Being an avid gamer, I was also drawn to game art since a young age and for a brief period studied concept art through The Art Department under artists like Sterling Hundley, John English, Andrew Jones, Jon Foster and Marshall Vandruff.
But I've wanted to be a designer since the very first time I watched my mom make things on her computer and being naturally curious as well, I used to rip my first computers apart to figure out how they worked. This curiosity and passion for design coupled with my history in photography and art has shaped me to be the designer I am today.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked for agencies, studios, small businesses, enterprises and startups, one namely, Everlytic which was crowned South Africa's fastest growing company and ranked 3rd on the Deloitte Fast 50 list for tech in Africa during my tenure as the Head of User Experience.
Now I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and work for, the worlds leading online travel agency and 3rd largest e-commerce company in the world.
What people say about me
"Kevin has been one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable designers I have ever worked with. He is constantly coming up with new ways to push the boundaries and explore doing things better and differently to the standard conventions. His determination and passion for not only his role at work, but everything he comes into contact with, inspires everyone around him. Kevin exceeds expectations and has never been faced with a design or development problem he could not solve. As my manager I have seen how compassionate he is to his team and only wants the best for each one of us. I feel honoured to have worked with such an amazingly all rounded talented person." 
- Jacqueline Stott | UX/UI Designer

"Kevin is a really strong and driven leader, who has a wealth of knowledge he always shares, not only when it is needed, but also to guide and grow his team to become stronger in their individual capacity. Kevin is open and approachable but also has strong views, great to work with to keep the team motivated and pushing to produce only great work. The experience I got from working with Kevin is invaluable."
- Jo-Ann Bishop | Senior Digital Designer

"Few people have the opportunity to work with a team leader who is also a coach and mentor, but I did! As a manager, Kevin was a pleasure to work with at Everlytic. He provided the team with high quality design materials & advice, which in turn ensured the high standard of the work we produced. Above all, I was impressed with Kevin’s infinite well of knowledge & insight, and of course, his sarcastic jokes. As a team member or a leader, Kevin earns my highest recommendation."
- Tshegofatso Modisakeng | Graphic Designer
Food & Photography, the perfect match.
Celeriac Salad
Rosewater Kombucha
Cucumber and lemon water
Artichokes with lemon butter
Oregano Oil
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